Ralph Livingston's Original Information  -  1999

We've always dedicated this site to Ralph Livingston and his original work from the early website he created to get players interested and knowledgeable about restoring antique hickory golf clubs for play.  So here it is, in his words, his methods and with the original images from what was then 'The Site on Hickory Golf'.

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Hickory Golf - Today

Hickory Hackers started playing in the 1980's

Players today range from Totally Committed to Very Limited.  Old to Young.  Using 100 year old Antiques to Brand New Replicas.  Decked out in Vintage Authentic clothing to Colorful Fun modern fare.  Playing Era Style to the most Modern high-tech golf balls.  Playing Strict Era to the current USGA rules.  Being engulfed in the old game to a 'join in the fun' player.

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Play Hickory, Inc. - Hickory Golf Club Rentals

2004 - 2019   Fifteen years and Hundreds of Satisfied Customers

We are the targeted USA based Hickory Golf Event company serving Country Clubs all across the country.  Centennials and other Member based events are our prime customers.

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