The Big Event !

October 12, 2019

Many players, many younger players, are bringing their game to the world of hickory events.  It's never been easier than today to find someone who knows where and how to get you some clubs, or to just buy high quality hickory reproductions off the internet.  So if you have any kind of desire to dive into the field of players in one of the many available events throughout the it and enjoy it! 

The trophies are abundant and the camaraderie develops fast.  You'll meet people from all around, especially if you are at one of the bigger national events.

It's up to you as to how far or involved you get with the old game.  Simply enjoy it or hit the books and become an historian.  

There are hickory players and groups all around the world now.  Many of us have made our way to the other side of the world to enjoy the game and people of the sport.  Competitions are abundant.