Auld Mac


Auld Mac has been working on and playing with hickory golf clubs since 1999.  He owns and rents playable hickory golf clubs to Country Clubs and other events.  He has restored 120 sets of these clubs for play, and has collected and restored his personal club sets that span from 1880 to 1935.  He has created a website that brings you into his antique workshop as he demonstrates some of his skills.  He has supplied many clubs to skilled players over the years.

Play Antiques

Mac believes that this Auld Golf hobby is more rewarding playing with antique clubs.  We often hear that good clubs aren't available.  He wants to at least help players when and where he can to find clubs they can count on.


Auld Mac CERTIFIES that the clubs he posts have been selected for the potential of play with good head and shaft charactistics, and that he has put his efforts into making them dependable, playable clubs.

Clubs are guaranteed for 30 days from receipt for the customer to confirm that they play as desired, or they can be returned.  Choose your clubs with confidence and enjoy the Auld Game!